Sofa Cleaning - Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1 seater sofa?

1 seater sofa means space occupied by a single person which includes sitting and backside with maximum width of 2 feet.

We don't accept order below 5 seater sofa. 

And cushion cleaning is always chargeable. 

If there are more than 50 seater sofas to be cleaned, we may take order outside Ahmedabad.

Is there any hidden charge?

Rate Card of our cleaning services in Ahmedabad is available on this website. Our rate is quite transparent and flat. We charge nominally for time and money spent on travel to serve you. Travel charge is Rs 5/km, both ways, distance is calculated from our office to your given location as on Google Map in Ahmedabad.

What is included in sofa cleaning

Shampooing, scrubbing, vacuuming of seats, cleaning of sofa legs and armrest. First, we will do vacuum cleaning to remove dust. Then, we will do shampoo cleaning to remove stains. Lastly, we will agin do vacuum cleaning to dry sofa. 85-90% moisture will be removed. It will take 2-3 more hours to dry naturally, depending upon type of fabric, surrounding enviornment and weather condition

Are you able to remove all stains?

No, we cannot remove ball pen stains, some color stains, blood stains, unidentified liquid stains, etc. We use shampoo cleaning to remove stains and we usually always remove all other stains. Usually stains in sofa are formed due to dust and oily hands. It is remarkably visible near hand rest and backside where our head touches the fabric. We have huge experience of removing such tough stains and we assure you of the best possible cleaning result.

Is there any chance of damage?

We have hired cleaners who are expert in sofa cleaning and have numerous years of experience. We use latest machines and standard chemicals. Your sofa is valuable for us and we can assure you that there will be no damage. We always do the survey and explain every detail before starting sofa cleaning process. We use measured amount of chemical and water to clean your sofa. 

How and when i have to pay for cleaning service?

You can pay by cash or Paytm wallet. Payment must be made, just after our cleaning process is over. You can hand over the cash amount to the cleaner. Never pay any TIP. Always ask for bill which may fetch you some discount next time as we believe in rewarding our clients for their loyalty.