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My Sofa Cleaner - Magic Duster
My Sofa Cleaner - Magic Duster

About Us

Magic Duster Team


All team members are not in this picture. Our team consists of Arvind, Amrut, Ashok, Naresh, Nayana, Roshni, Sashi, Laxmanbhai, Vinod, Jasubhai. Most are working with us from more than 5 years. 

Our Story - By Vishal Kashyap

Magic Duster was actually born in 2005, just after after i completed my MBA. At that time we were only cleaning homes, that too at a very nominal amount to know if there is really a market. We wanted to know - do people need vacuum cleaning of home. We did it as an experiment for 6 months and found that 50% of clients were having vacuum cleaner, but they were not willing to spend their time and energy in vacuum cleaning their homes.

So, it was clear that my experiment was quite successful and there is huge demand for professional vacuum cleaning. We finally, started this again as a business in 2010 in a professional way. We started cleaning sofas, carpets, cars and water tanks too. We are now a well recognized brand with the best rating at JustDial and Google. We have thousands of regular clients and a very dedicated strong team to keep growing and reaching new places. 

We have many dreams - we want to give new types of services, we want to upgrade our equipments and machines to match global standards, we want to expand and cover new cities. Thanks for being here with us.